My Resume
Fahad Haidari

About Me

I'm a Full-Stack JavaScript developer, with a wide range of experiences in; Front-End, Back-End, Mobile, and Game development.

I Enjoy reading books on a daily basis, about coding, general sciences, Physics, Math, Philosophy, novels... etc.


[JavaScript, jQuery, AngularJS, three.js, HTML5, CSS, Bootstrap, Swift3, Objective-C, Node.js, Express.js, Knex.js,, PHP, MongoDB, PostgreSQL, MySQL, Git, Github, Bitbucket]

Recent Projects

I Built a social media app called UponTag, where users can add tags to their profile to get posts from users based on these tags, and sorted by the highest voted ones.

I built an IOS app called InToDim(available on the App Store) that gives people the ability to post their secrets and comment on other secrets (anonymously).


Galvanize - Full-Stack Web Development Immersive Program, Denver, Co, 2017
AAU - Master's degree in Computer Science, Amman, Jo, 2005-2009
ASU - Bachelor's degree in Computer Science, Amman, Jo, 2012-2014